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Upcoming events

    • 13 Oct 2023
    • 17:00 - 21:00
    • New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Mt Wellington, Auckland

    The idea of our Regional Workshops is to encourage and promote excellence in SOT practice in Aotearoa NZ.

    It is an informal opportunity for previous participants of SOT Seminar attendees to review their skills, ask questions and meet fellow SOT practitioners.

    This workshop will be hosted and run at NZCC and presented by Dr. Samantha Haitsma and Dr. Rosina Walker, both SOT certified Craniopaths and Chiropractors.

    The general format is:

    -A review of the SOT Categories and flow while adjusting

    -Hands on practice

    -CMRT or Cranial adjustments which need fine-tuning

    -Case management: Any tricky/ interesting case studies?

    -Business management: Timing, fee structures, Teaching CA’s to assist, etc. 

    • 14 Oct 2023
    • 15 Oct 2023
    • 2 sessions
    • New Zealand College of Chiropractic
    • 29

    Categories is a prerequisite for most other SOT workshops and events. This content is vital to understanding material of subsequent workshops. 

    This event is hands-on, however your brain will get a good workout too! 

    You will learn the anatomy and physiology of the three SOT 'category' systems, and adjusting techniques developed for each pattern- Each 'category' has different needs. 

    Learn the effects of S-I joint dysfunction on the dura, CSF and hence proper neural function. SOT-trained  practitioners are particularly focused on restoring normal S-I joint function, and improving CSF flow. 

    This seminar explores the concept of sacral-occipital motion, CSF fluid dynamics,  S-I joint anatomy. You will learn pre-blocking and blocking procedures (as as developed and researched by Major De Jarnette). 

    Our presenter for the weekend is Dr. Sam Haitsma. She brings clarity through demonstrations, analogies, case examples, and hands on assistance. We will also have SOT qualified table educators to assist you with ensuring you are understanding the techniques and concepts.

    Lunch on Saturday, plus morning + afternoon tea on Saturday and Sunday will be included. 

    • 24 Nov 2023
    • 26 Nov 2023
    • 3 sessions
    • Trinity Wharf Hotel, Tauranga, NZ

    "You have always been told in technique seminars & training that 'You will GET IT later'... Welcome to LATER!" – Dr Marc Pick

    Dr Marc Pick is an international leader in Chiropractic Neurology and has dedicated his career of 49 years to understanding the ‘Behind the Scenes’ of adjustments. He uses his extensive knowledge combined with his passion for making life-like anatomical models, to help Chiropractors worldwide. 

    We have two registration options for this seminar- 2 days or 3 days. 

    Day 1 & 2 (Fri 24th & Sat 25th November)

    This seminar is designed to give chiropractor's an understanding of the anatomy and neurophysiology behind the SOT Category Systems and their treatment protocol applications. Dr Pick's material can be applied to a wide range of Chiropractic Techniques. The seminar will utilize innovative animations (often considered to be the best in the industry), to enhance the attendee’s comprehension and will be followed with hands-on palpatory exercises.

    Investigation of the anatomy, neurophysiology and treatment protocols associated with:

    • Category 1: Dural Subluxations encompassing topics such as heel tension formation, Pelvic blocking, SB cough test, Vasomotor, and Occipital fibre analysis.
    • Category 2: Musculoskeletal weightbearing lesion analysis including an in-depth explanation of the lesion's infiltration affecting posture, balance and emotional instability.
    • Category 3: Discogenic Subluxation lesions including differential analysis and treatment applications between ascending and descending subluxations.

    Addressing the validity and Biodynamics of Cranial Motion

    • Through investigative dissection, MRI and Video myelogram fluoroscopy studies.
    • Combined with animated explanations & palpation exercises designed to identify the various intracranial pulse rhythms to ensure the attendee's skills toward future maximum treatment applications.

    Day 3 (Sun 26th November)

    This 1-day seminar follows on from day 1 and 2, diving into the Cerebellum:

    • The neurophysiology behind diminished balance and postural control
    • Various diagnostic indicators to assess for cerebellar dysfunction
    • Adjunctive cerebellar techniques & treatment protocol

    This can boost attendee's treatment outcomes regardless of technique preference.

    NB. A 4x monthly installment option is available, 1st payment during July. Contact us to arrange this.

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If you have any issues with registering or you can't find what you are looking for please email us.

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